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What is IPMSCA?

What is IPMSCA?

It is one of the smartest and most efficient tools of the project management system, which is installed on the Microsoft project management software with a (waterfall), (agile) and hybrid approach, which is integrated into one place to collect information. This tool is called IPMSCA and its prototype is designed in 2022. This article describes this powerful tool. We will review the descriptions, services, and facilities in the following.

Figure 1- Microsoft project management software



1-Combines agility and intelligence in project management 

2-Providing competent project management services for all three types of project management approaches (Predictive (Waterfall)-Adaptive (Agile) & Hybrid.)

3-help PMOs, portfolios, programs, project managers, and project teams to manage their projects intelligently.


IPMSCa is an intelligent Project Management System (IPMS) that manages all inputs to successfully carry out and execute projects. It’s a group of systems and is also integrated into one place for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information associated with the project.

It is used explicitly for intelligent project scheduling, budgeting, delay analysis, change management and claim decision-making.


The Best 9 Agile Project Management Tools of 2022

IPMSCa has been created and modified by a professional team after many years of expertise in Project Management and BI. They understand the critical challenges for organizational project management.

IPMS is an enabler for organizational Project Management Processes. Intelligent and agile management of all the project tasks being carried out is an administrative necessity today. Our IPMS can track the project at an activity level intelligently.

IPMSCa will help PMOs, portfolios, programs, and project managers switch between two approaches (AgileWaterfall) and create their hybrid method by importing critical tasks from their waterfall Microsoft projects to the sprint backlog.

Examining the differences between agile and waterfall

IPMSCa can be added to the Microsoft project software, giving more options and facilitating professional project management such as project delay analysis, change direction, and claim management.

IPMSCa add-on to Microsoft project software gives more options and facilitates professional project management such as:

  • project delay analysis,
  • change management
  • claim management.

IPMSCa prototype was designed in 2022 and submitted a provisional patent. 

Figure 2analyzing information

Competitive Advantages 

Our competitive advantages enable us to launch a business model to add more value and features to existing project management software.

Also, we have below competitive advantages:

  • Intelligent project management system and reducing the cost of project management
  • Facilitating the decision-making process for project managers
  • Aggregation and integration of project management using Predictive-Adaptive & Hybrid methods
  • Ability to switch between different Predictive-Adaptive & Hybrid project management approaches
  • Adding project management add-ons not available in MSP (such as delay add-ons, etc.)
  • Simultaneous management of project delays - changes and claims
  • Intelligent project management based on machine learning.
  • Completing existing project management tools (such as MSP)
  • Implementation of online project management using cloud services
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Compliance with the latest Microsoft project technology
  • Agile, creative team
  • Easy and efficient user interface
  • Increasing the quality of information from the project manager and the project control department to different teams
  • Eliminating the shortage of specialized personnel in project management
  • The possibility of connecting project performance with the bonus payment system in projects
  • Reducing the amount of rework in the project
  • The possibility of project managers and department managers making decisions in line with proactive action and preventing errors
  • Preventing the use of suboptimal planning-control and project management methods
  • Security of data and information on customer projects
  • Economic price
  • Different income models for purchasing the IPMSCa add-on & system(s)


Possibilities IPSCA

  • Import & export with Microsoft Project
  • Ability to collect customer data with integrated forms
  • Smart Time Tracking
  • Intelligent delay analysis
  • Different views for project delay analysis
  • Automations that prevent repetitive tasks and take seconds to set up
  • Project Change Management add on
  • Project Delay Management add on
  • free plans available, or paid plans from $50/user/year.

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