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Agile Methodlogy

What are agile methodologies and how do they speed up the development process?

Today's businesses operate in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. They must respond appropriately to new opportunities and markets, economic developments, and the emergence of new competitive products and services. The software has penetrated every industry and is less successful, and the software under design uses new technologies and has the potential to defeat its competitors in the competitive market. One of the most important concerns of organizations is the fast delivery and release of software, which is engaged in the field of large software development. But the interesting and thought-provoking point comes back to the unique interaction and index of agile methodologies with the concepts of startups and especially lean startups.


Agile Methodologies In the 80s and early 90s, a view emerged that the best way to build software of the highest quality was to use methods that supported CASE tools. Tools that allow development teams to have fine-grained control over software development processes. This view was presented especially by the community of engineers who were engaged in the design and construction of large projects. People whose task was to build long-lasting systems that were created by combining a large number of individual systems. In 2001, a community of software developers and proponents of lightweight methodologies emerged that attempted to identify various features and indicators based on lightweight methodologies. This association came together intending to reach a coherent and unified point of view and finally managed to publish a joint statement called the Manifesto. In this statement, a series of principles, values ​​, and rules for the rapid development of software was introduced, which became known as the principles of agile methodology. Among the most important principles that this joint statement emphasizes, the following can be mentioned:

 • Providing the basis for customer satisfaction through fast and continuous delivery of software

 • Being flexible to changes even if the projects are in the final stages of design

 • Release of versions of Software testing in regular time intervals

 • Establishing consistent communication between users and the software development team

 • Credible documentation

 • Supporting a uniform and stable production process 

• Employing qualified and expert people

 • Simplifying tasks by removing unnecessary items 

• Reviewing the performance and efficiency of the team In general, the agile software development model is a set of software development methodologies that work based on gradual and iterative evolution.


What is waterfall methodology?

 A set in which solutions are obtained through self-organization and collaboration between teams. More precisely, agile methodology is a conceptual framework that tries to maintain interaction between customers and the development team throughout the development cycle. Among the most important models based on agile methodology, we can mention incremental, cooperative, straightforward, adaptive, etc. models.

Figure 1-shows the agile development model.

How do agile methods work? The working basis of agile methods focuses on dividing the project into small parts and planning for each part, which is usually within a period of one to four weeks, completing and adding the completed parts to other parts. As a result, in agile methods, there is no need for general planning and considering all the details at the beginning of the work. In this method, each time frame is a complete software development cycle that includes planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and final testing. One of the biggest advantages of this method is reducing the overall risk of the project and the ability to quickly adapt to changes. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, in this method, the goal is to produce a presentable part of the software with minimal problems in each period. In each period, the works are done based on the right of priority. Priorities are determined in meetings held between customers and developers. Because agile methods have a special emphasis on flexibility, as a result, agile methods are related to iterative development in which compatibility is very important, and this is the same thing that is not compatible with long-term planning. The adaptation process includes two important factors: changes in the production process and changes in the software. Software development life cycle Agile methods focus on different software development life cycle aspects.


Figure 2-Software development life cycle

Some of them are based on methods (overflow programming, active programming, and agile modeling), some on software project management (such as Scrum), some on the entire software development life cycle (dynamic development methods of a system and integrated development process), and some on requirements determination. They emphasize Therefore, there is an obvious difference between various agile software development methods. Although the methods of dynamic development of a system and integrated development process do not require complementary approaches to support software development, the rest of them require these supplements to varying degrees. Do not forget that even complex models such as dynamic development methods of a system can be used by any developer.


Figure 3- Development of agile

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