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Mitaros Software Company

Mitaros Software Company

In the software world, it may not be possible to provide a precise definition of the end product when making decisions about building or developing software. For this reason, project management with an agile and hybrid approach fits into such an ambiguous space, so that possible and unexpected changes during the project can be flexibly managed.

First I want to explain about the first method of the management system, the waterfall method, some companies use it and get results.

What is a waterfall?

A waterfall project management approach involves a linear process of delivering the final product to the client or craftsman. The development team collects all the necessary information and works linearly until the project is completed and delivered.

Below are the different categories of water samples:

Project team members receive all necessary information, requirements and instructions from the client or reference master.

Planned: Team members develop a detailed plan based on client or instructor instructions, as well as market research.

Analysis – The plan is thoroughly analyzed and management ensures that all team members are aware of the plan and its implementation.

Build happens: Team members work in sequence to deliver a finished project to a customer or craftsman.

Verification is done: At the end of the project, the development team checks whether all the client's requirements have been met and whether the project is progressing according to the initial plan.

Deliveries: After team members agree on final approval, products are shipped to customers as final products.

What is agile?

This is a flexible project development model.

The project's Agile development model is based on accepting customer feedback as a top priority. In this approach, steps are performed sequentially and simultaneously in several parts to finalize the concept and use customer feedback to make necessary changes.

Below we describe the different stages of the Agile model:

Planned: Team members consider the needs of customers or partners when planning a project.

Creativity happens: team members work quickly to create the final product according to the customers' wishes and needs.

It's Done: Depending on the situation, the project development team initiates the completion work for their clients or outsources it.

Feedback received: The client or customers provide feedback to the project team for changes or improvements.

Practiced: Developers use this information to plan, design, and iterate the project by making changes to previous work.

Delivery in progress: If the buyer or seller is satisfied with the product, the project is delivered. The development team will use this feature as initial development or additional updates depending on the situation, receiving customer feedback as a top priority. In this method, actions are taken sequentially and simultaneously in several areas to complete the draft and use customer feedback to make necessary changes.

Software development and programming company Mitaros initially used this system architecture, but after a few years, it changed its project management system to Agile and used agile and hybrid methods to build its suite.