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Haft Digital Marketing Company

Haft Digital Marketing Company

First, we need to define how Agile Scrum works.

Scrum flow methodology is a combination of Scrum philosophy and framework. Tracking means scalability, allowing teams to work on smaller-scale projects. Scrum is one of many agile methodologies known for breaking projects into large chunks called "sprints". Agile Scrum methodology is good for businesses that need to complete specific projects quickly.

Agile Scrum methodology focuses on delivering multiple iterations of a product to deliver business value to customers in the shortest possible time.

What does it take to be fast?

The Scrum Manifesto shows four values:

• People and interactions are more important than systems and tools

• This program does more than fill out forms

• Participation of customers in contract negotiations

• Responds to plan changes

How many principles of agile methodology should we address in business?

•Customer satisfaction

• Regular delivery

• Collaboration between businesses and developers

• Motivated people

• Face-to-face communication

• A functional product

• Self-managing teams

• Regulation, reflection, and coordination

So in a nutshell, Scrum is a framework for effective collaboration between teams working on complex products. Scrum is a modern technology that uses meetings, roles, and tools to help teams working on complex projects create better plans and manage their workloads. Although Scrum is often used by software development teams, Scrum can be useful for any team working toward a common goal.

Now that Scrum and Agile have been mentioned, we want to discuss Scrum methodology and Haft digital marketing.

These companies need project management systems to survive in the global market, and Seven's digital marketing suite follows these principles and rules. In the first stage, these systems specify short-term and long-term goals, and all work is done as a task.

These tasks are performed periodically. After the work is done correctly, it is tested and checked and at the end, the product is checked. Haft digital marketing company uses these steps called Scrum.

The company is planned for each department of website design, graphics, SEO, and content marketing based on Agile Project Management System approaches and processes. The advantage of these systems is reducing the amount of rework in the project and the possibility of managers making decisions in line with preventive measures and preventing errors. The security of data and information of clients' projects is one of the most important features of these systems.

Digital Marketing Haft's scrum team consists of 7 people who have the business, design, analysis, and development skills to do real work, solve problems and produce deliverables. Scrum team members manage this set of tasks and are jointly responsible for achieving the goals of each sprint. On the other hand, other sub-roles are stakeholders who contribute to the Scrum project but are not committed. Typically, secondary roles include customers, management, and executive team members who are involved in consulting, reporting progress and gathering feedback for better work to deliver the most value possible.